LAPONZA MEDIA 2017 – Created By Hand

Accuride – “Always Moving Forward” – From Luxury Commercial clients to the DIY’er, Accuride is the recommended choice for slides. How do we market slides so it’s Professional, Unique, and Engaging to their viewers? A project with minimal limitations, my canvas was open. I wanted the style of their site bigger than just a site, I wanted it to translate into potential marketing campaigns. I decided to play off of their slogan, “Always Moving Forward” and based their visual style largely off the same angle as their “A” in their logo. I wanted to pay homage to the movement of sliding. I also wanted the final design to be representative of their company and their demographic, so I designed with the intention of being Clean, Modernist/Swiss & Polished to evoke a feeling that this site has total class.

About Accuride International
Global experts in the application, design, and supply of precision slides. Accuride slides are designed into a wide range of applications such as fine furniture and cabinetry, high-end appliances, electronic enclosures, luxury automobiles and utility vehicles, and industrial equipment.

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