LAPONZA MEDIA 2017 – Created By Hand

Print Materials for my client attending CES 2015. CoolChip needed a Print Designer that wasn’t afraid of a big project on a very tight deadline. With little company history and lack of branding, I was left with a Logo and an open canvas to create everything from the ground up. After countless hours of research, examples, and a few meetings, I created the first of four pieces, the Brochure… They were ecstatic! After that initial piece all the other pieces fell into place to create a consistent and professional package that the client and media loved.


About CoolChip

CoolChip Technologies was founded by Dr. William Sanchez, Steven Stoddard, and Dr. Lino Gonzalez, peers at MIT. They came together with one goal in mind: To transform the electronics cooling space. CoolChip Technologies is set to disrupt the multi-billion dollar thermal management industry by delivering state-of-the-art Kinetic Cooling technology to OEMs and ODMs. Enterprise and consumer electronics manufacturers now have the opportunity to unleash innovation with products powered by a CoolChip Kinetic Cooling Engine.

CoolChip_Brochure.jpg CoolChip_Tabletop.jpg CoolChip_OneSheet.jpg CoolChip_VerticalBanner.jpg