LAPONZA MEDIA 2017 – Created By Hand

WAR DRAGONS is a visually stunning 3D Real-Time Strategy game that puts you in control of hundreds of destructive dragons that use a combination of fire and magical spells to unleash their fury upon enemies. Build towers and defend your kingdom, amass the ultimate dragon army, and wreak havoc upon those who dare stand in your way.

I wanted to create a site that was made for and out of Dragons. This experience had to be… rough, bold, fierce. I wanted this site to breathe fire. War Dragons, after all is a game where you grow dragons to fight enemy bases… Why not create a site that felt like their world? Dark and rocky… with bold, warm colors and subtle yet bold imagery of the game. Always reminding the user, this is War Dragons.

Did I say it was made out of dragons? Look at the home page, the “form” of the Navigation and red CTA bar… Don’t they look like silhouettes of dragon wings? … one of a couple areas where the Dragons, on, is front-and-center.

Created at Haven Agency.

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